Bulk Opt-out


This feature allows users to permanently remove Contacts from Launch.  From the Tools main menu, click Bulk Opt-out

Main Menu:

There are two options for bulk opt-out: 

  • Upload File
  • Paste Phone Numbers

Upload File

Click Choose File from the Upload File tab when opting out multiple Contacts. 

Upload file should be formatted as follows:

Browse to the CSV or XLS file and click Opt Out Contacts.

A confirmation message displays at the top of the screen once Contacts have been opted out successfully. 

Paste Phone Numbers 

Click the Paste Phone Numbers tab to paste numbers one by one. This is ideal for opting out a few Contacts. Enter Phone Numbers as plain text without dashes or parentheses. Enter only one number on each line. 

When finished, click Opt Out Contacts. A confirmation displays once the numbers have been opted out successfully.