Contact Management

Contacts & Groups are utilized to maintain a list of active/opted out message recipients. 

Contacts are individual records of individuals that when opted-in can be messaged individually, added to Groups, or added to Campaigns via Launch. Contacts can belong to more than one Group or Campaign. Contacts can be added individually or via Mass Upload.

Groups are a collection of Contacts and are ideal for categorizing engagement topics. Messages can be sent to various Groups or assigned to Campaigns.  Learn more about Groups

Click Contacts on the left navigation panel to get started.

 Main Menu: 

All Contacts appear on the main menu and can be sorted by Phone, First Name, Last Name, Date Added or Blocked.  Click the respective Phone Number hyperlink for a Contact to view their details.  The two tabs at the top allow you to toggle between Contacts and Groups. 

Contacts can be sorted and filtered by Phone Number, First Name, Last Name, and Added date. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the main screen to view and sort by any Custom Contact Fields.

Create Contact

If this is the first time accessing the Contacts screen, a wizard tool walks you through creating your first Contact.

Click Add Contacts

Complete the Contact form:

  • Add phone number, name, email address, and any notes for the contact.
  • Populate Custom Contact Fields (if applicable).
  • Select the Group(s) to connect the new Contact to from the available list.

Click Create when finished. 

Custom Contact Fields

Click Custom Contact Fields from the Contacts main menu to record up to 5 additional pieces of data for your Contacts. These are ideal for further customizing messages beyond adding a First and Last Name. Suggestions include Birthday, Agent Name, Referral Source, 1st Order date, and more to engage your Contacts on a more personal level.

Note: We recommend against editing these custom fields once there are active Campaigns or scheduled Messages running.

Populate the Field Labels (limited to 10 characters) and use the drop-down menu to specify the content format (Text, Date, Time). When using dates such as birthday, a text field may be best as some Contacts may not want to share their birth year.


Click Save when finished. 

Example Message with several Custom Contact Fields included: 

Blocked Contacts

Blocked Contacts are those you no longer wish to be able to to send messages back to your organization via Kerauno Launch. This feature is best used for Contacts that respond with foul language or other inappropriate content. Blocking a number also automatically opts out the phone number in your Kerauno Launch Contacts. The Contact would be required to opt back in on their own accord, even if removed from the Blocked Contacts list. Therefore, this action should not be taken lightly. 

Click Blocked Contacts from the Contacts main menu to add a number to block. Blocked Contacts can only be viewed from this screen and no longer appear in any active Contact List or Group. 

Enter the number and click Block. Messages from this Contact will no longer be delivered to your Kerauno Launch Inbox. 

Messages received from phone numbers you wish to block that are not currently saved as a Contact will be automatically created as a new Contact, blocked, then opted out from receiving any communications. 

To view all unblocked Contacts, click the Blocked column header. 

Unblocking a Contact

To unblock a Contact, return to the Blocked Contacts page, click the checkbox for the corresponding Contact and click Unblock. Click Yes to confirm. 

Mass Upload Contacts

This feature is ideal for uploading multiple contacts at once. Contacts can originate from a variety of sources, but be certain to only upload Contacts that have given then consent to receive SMS text communications. 

Click Add Contacts at the top of the screen and select the Upload tab to upload multiple contacts at once. Note: There is a maximum upload per file of 50,000 contacts. 

Proceed from either the Upload File (default) tab or Copy/Paste tab on the right side.

Upload File Tab

Navigate to desired file and click Open

Review the preview provided on screen for any needed edits. Click Continue.

Select the appropriate Group from the drop-down menu where the new contacts should be added. Click the checkbox for the Terms and Conditions. 

Click Finish Contact Upload

Depending on size of the file, it may take a few minutes for the new contacts to display in the Contacts & Groups Main Menu.

Copy/Paste Tab

To use the Copy/Paste option, enter one contact per line, separating fields with a comma in the following format: phone number, first and last name, email address, notes.

Example: 3331234567, Clarence, Walters, [email protected]

Note: Up to 4 fields are accepted via this upload option. 

Click Next when finished adding Contacts.


Review the preview provided on screen for any needed edits. Click Continue.

Select the appropriate Group from the drop-down menu where the new contacts should be added. Click the checkbox for the Terms and Conditions and click Finish

Manage Contacts

Manage Contacts from the Contacts & Groups main menu. Contacts can be deleted, opted out, added to a Group, and assigned a Keyword. To perform any of these quick actions, click the checkbox next to the Contact and select the appropriate action button at the top of the Contacts main screen. 

Delete/Opt-Out/Add to Group

  • Delete: This feature removes them from Kerauno Launch. Note: This does not prevent a Contact from being added back into Launch from another lead source. 
  • Opt out: Use this feature when a contact has specifically requested to Opt Out by sending an email, letter, or phone call to the company. Read more about Opt outs and handling manual Opt Outs. Caution: Contacts can only be opted back in via a specified Keyword on their own accord.
  • Add to Group: Select the Group to assign the Contact to from the available drop-down menu. 

Edit a Contact

To edit a Contact, click on any content in their associated line item to retrieve their Contact details. 

Click Edit at the top of the screen, edit and click Save when finished. 

Additional options at the bottom of the Contact Details screen include:

  • Message History to view related details of all sent messages to the Contact
  • Send Message, which prompts the new Group Message screen. 

Message History

Clicking Message History displays the Contact Report and includes their Date Added, Source, Current Status, Groups, and any Custom Contact Fields are shown in the top section. Text Messages, Voice Messages, & Keyword History are displayed in the Message History section.

Send Message

To send a message to a Contact, click Send Message within the Contact Record.