Drip Campaigns allow for a series of timed text messages to anyone who joins a Group connected to that campaign. Although a Keyword is not required for a Drip Campaign, most clients choose this feature. 

Note: Be sure to read about SMS Compliance & Regulations prior to developing Campaigns and sending messages. 

Click the drop-down arrow next to Campaigns on the left navigation panel and click Drip Campaigns.

Main Menu:

All Drip Campaigns appear on the main menu and can be sorted by Date Created or Status (Active or Stopped).  Click the respective hyperlink to view an active campaign. The Actions column allows you to quickly stop an active campaign when needed.  

Create Drip Campaign

If this is the first time accessing the Campaigns menu, a wizard tool walks you through creating your first campaign. 

Click Create Campaign to add a new campaign.

 Complete the Drip Campaign form: 

  • Enter a name for the Drip Campaign. All campaign names must be unique and cannot be a repeat of any other campaigns.
  • Select one or more groups in the Connect to Group(s) list to assign the campaign with. Drip Campaigns are designed to start with empty Groups so that Contacts that join can start receiving timed messages for the campaign. When there are no empty groups, click Create New Group to create a new one.
  • Click Create Campaign to begin adding messages to the new Drip Campaign. 

  •  Next, click Add Message.

  •  Determine message delivery settings: 
    • Set the number of days to delay before sending this message. To send a drip message sooner than 1 calendar day after the Contact enters the group, set Days to 0 (zero).
    • When 0 (zero) days is selected, edit the duration in minutes/hours to delay.
  • Add a Subject (optional) and message text. 
  • Additional options include: Personalize, Templates, and Media. In this example, the recipient’s first name has been added from the Personalize option. 

Click Save when finished.

  •  Next, click Add Message to add another message to the Drip Campaign. Messages display in numeric order down the page.  Adjust message content and timeliness as needed. Click Save anytime a message is altered. 

Continue adding messages as needed for the Drip Campaign. Click Save anytime a new message is added.

Edit Drip Campaign

A Drip Campaign can be edited at any time. Click the Campaign Name hyperlink and edit or add messages as needed. Click Save when finished.

Delete Drip Campaign

An active Drip Campaign can be stopped at any time but cannot be deleted entirely. Click on the Stop icon for the corresponding the campaign to stop. Or click the checkbox for the corresponding Campaign Name and click Stop Campaign at the bottom of the list. 

NOTE: When stopping an active campaign, it cannot be restarted, and messages cannot be modified or copied.