Keyword Management

Contacts join text messaging lists by texting an advertised Keyword to your short code or textable number. Work with your Kerauno representative to determine the appropriate number type to use for SMS communications. Learn about Textable Numbers.

There are two types of Short Code Numbers: 

Advantages & Disadvantages of both Short and Long Codes

Shared Short Code: This number is shared by other organizations engaging in SMS communications. Limitations may occur when using a Shared Short Code number because other companies may already be using desired Keywords or Sub Keywords. 

Dedicated Short Code: Preferred by Kerauno for high volume clients, this number is used for one organization only. It cannot be used by any other entity to send SMS communications. 

If your organization plans to communication with thousands of Contacts, a dedicated Short Code or a Textable Number may be the best choice, as there are no limitations.

Collecting Contacts

Purchase and share Keywords in print and digital advertising as well as Hosted Widgets to allow automatically join messaging campaigns. Contacts collected via other methods that have provided their expressed consent to receive SMS messages can also be uploaded directly into Launch. 

Example: Include a checkbox to authorize SMS messages at the bottom of a sales agreement, invoice, or other communication.  

Note: Expressed, explicit consent is required to send SMS messages to a recipient. Contact databases and purchased lists cannot be added to Launch. Only Contacts that have intentionally opted in can be added to Launch and assigned to a Keyword. 

A Contact may reach out with a Support question via an online Chat service. Because the exchange was based on a specific need, permission was not collected to communicate with the Contact regarding other topics. Expressed consent to communicate with this Contact is required before sending SMS messages. 

Once a Contact 'opts-in' with a Keyword, they are automatically saved in Launch as a Contact. A Contact that texts in with a Keyword signifies their expressed consent to receive SMS messages for that specific Keyword.

Get Started

Click Keywords & Textable Numbers from the left navigation panel to manage Keywords. 

Note: Purchase Keywords through your Kerauno account representative or send a request through a support ticket.

Main Menu:  

Purchased Keywords can be sorted by Name and Created date. The orange circle icon next to a Keyword indicates a Poll associated with the Keyword. 

Note: Keywords associated with an open Poll cannot be edited until the Poll has ended.

Add to Groups

  • Click the name of the Keyword to get started. 
  • Select one or more groups in the Connect to Group(s) list to assign the keyword to. Connecting a Keyword to a group allows you to message all contacts that have opted into that particular keyword. 
  • Click Continue when finished adding Groups. 

Create Auto Reply Message:

Set Auto Confirmation Message to SMS unless including a photo or need more character space.  

IMPORTANT: Due to carrier regulations, an auto-response message must include Opt-Out information. Kerauno automatically appends compliant opt-out instructions to auto-reply. 

Carrier regulations require that when advertising a Keyword, the following information displays with the call to action (eg. Text Keyword to 47474): Msg & data rates may apply. To unsubscribe from this list reply 'STOP' to (insert short-code).

  • Add a Subject (optional) and message text:
  • Insert the following at the end of a message: For Help Reply HELP. Msg&data rates may apply. Include a link to your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. 
  • Click the checkbox for Alternate Reply Message to send in the event that the phone number already exists in the selected group & texts in again.
  • Personalize and add Media as needed. 
  • Click Continue when finished. 

Reply Settings: 

A variety of customization options are available. 

  • Click Set up  hyperlink to establish an Alternate Reply Message. This feature is excellent for communicating with Contacts that have already opted into SMS via a Keyword or Widget.  Click Save when finished. 

  • Click Set up hyperlink to establish a Double Opt-In Confirmation Message which requires the recipient to confirm their entry into the text group. Click Save when finished. 

Populate Advanced Options:


  • Click Set up hyperlink for Forward Opt Ins Via Email to receive notifications when someone subscribes. Click Save when finished.

  • Click Set up hyperlink for Configure API for Replies to route responses to a URL via API. Click Save when finished. 

  • Click Set up hyperlink for Configure Send from Phone to allow specific mobile phone numbers to send messages directly to Contacts without logging into Launch. Learn more about Send to Phone. Click Save when finished.

Click Continue when finished adding Advanced Settings. 

Make any edits as needed and click Done when finished. 

Edit Keyword

To edit a Keyword, click the corresponding Keyword name. Edit as needed and click Save when finished.

Note: Keywords associated with open Polls cannot be edited. 

Delete Keyword

To delete a Keyword, click the More icon (...) next to the corresponding Keyword and click Delete Keyword. Click OK to confirm the deletion. 

Note: Any Sub Keywords associated with the selected Keyword are also removed.

Create Keyword Poster

To create a poster for a Keyword, click the More icon (...) next to the corresponding Keyword and click Create Poster. Follow the steps for our Poster Creator

Add a Sub Keyword

Sub Keywords allow for custom responses for additional words following a primary Keyword. Sub Keywords use the following format: 'Keyword' 'Sub Keyword' separated by a single space. A Sub Keyword allows you to further segment your audience and run multiple campaigns simultaneously and send different content despite using the same keyword.

Example: Primary Keyword is DEALS, secondary Keyword is NOW, the trigger phrase DEALS NOW must be submitted by a patron.

To add a Sub Keyword, click the + icon under the desired Keyword and then click Add Sub Keyword

Enter the Sub Keyword to associate with the primary Keyword.  No spaces or special characters are allowed. Click Search. If the keyword is unavailable, "The keyword 'xx' is unavailable" is displayed. This may occur when using a shared short-code.

Next click Activate Sub keyword.  

Complete the Sub Keyword form similar to populating a Keyword as explained in the section above:

  • Associate Group(s) to the Sub Keyword. 
  • Create an Auto Reply Message if desired. 
  • Customize Reply Settings. 

Click Continue when finished. 

Edit Sub Keyword

To edit a Sub Keyword, first click the host Keyword name to display the corresponding Sub Keyword.

Then click the appropriate Sub Keyword. Edit as needed and click Save when finished. 

Delete Sub Keyword

To delete a Sub Keyword, click the More icon (...) next to the corresponding Sub Keyword and click Delete Sub Keyword. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

Share Sub Keyword

To share a Sub Keyword, click the More icon (...) next to the corresponding Sub Keyword and click Promote on Twitter. A new browser window prompts you to log into Twitter to proceed.