Link Shortener


Generate shorter URLs for easy use in Kerauno Launch messages. A Link Shortener takes a lengthy URL and shortens it, making it ideal for sharing via messaging. 

From the Tools main menu, click Link Shortener.

Main Menu:

Create a New Link

From the Create New Link tab, paste a URL in the field provided and click Create. Launch will convert it into a smaller URL. 

Once the shortened link is generated, copy the link to a clipboard, click Send in Message, or save the link to your computer for future use. 

Additional options to share the link via Facebook and Twitter are also provided.

Saved Links

Click Saved Links to view links that have already been shortened for use in Kerauno Launch. 

Existing links can be copied or deleted from this tab. Once a link has been shortened, it cannot be edited. Create a new link instead. Click Details for a specified link to view the number of unique clicks.

Details Screen: