Manage Groups

Contacts & Groups are utilized to maintain a list of active/opted out message recipients. 

Groups are a collection of Contacts and are ideal for categorizing engagement topics. Messages can be sent to various Groups or assigned to Campaigns.  We recommend creating a new Group for separate events or functions as Contacts can belong in more than one Group. 

Contacts are individual records of individuals that when opted-in can be messaged individually, added to Groups, or added to Campaigns via Launch. Click here to learn more about Contacts.

Click Contacts on the left navigation panel to get started.

Click the Groups tab at the top of the Contacts screen. 

Main Menu: 

All Groups appear on the main menu and can be sorted by Group Name. Click the respective Group Name hyperlink for a Group to view details.  Additional options include: 

  • Click the Send icon to message one or more checked Group(s).
  • Click the Contacts icon for the corresponding Group to view the Contacts assigned to the Group. 

Create Group

Click Add a New Group

Populate the Group information. As your list of Groups grows, adding unique content will aid in future searches. 

Click Create This Group when finished. 

Manage Groups

Groups can be edited merged, cloned, or deleted. To perform any of these quick actions, click the checkbox next to the Group and select the appropriate action button at the top of the screen. 

Edit Group

Click the Group Name hyperlink to view the corresponding Group details. 

Edit as needed and click Save The Group when finished.

Merge Group

Click the checkbox(s) next to the Group(s) to merge. 

Name the new Group and click Merge Groups. The selected Groups are merged into a single new Group. However, the original Groups are not removed.

Clone Group

Click the checkbox next to the Group to clone. This feature is useful to copy all Contacts in a Group for use in additional events. 

Name the new Group and click Clone Group. The selected Group is saved as a new Group. However, the original Group is not removed.

Delete Group

Click the checkbox next to the Group(s) to delete and click Delete. Click OK to confirm the deletion.