Manage Received Messages

The Inbox is used to manage received messages from Contacts associated with a Keyword or enrolled in a Campaign. 

Click Inbox on the left navigation panel to manage received messages.

Main Menu: 

Messages appear on the main screen and can be sorted by Message content, Contact name, and Received date column headers.  Click the respective Message hyperlink to view the message or the Contact name to view or edit Contact details. 

Manage Received Messages

Additional tools at the top of the screen are used to Mark as Read, Export, or Sort by Message Type (All, SMS, or MMS). Click the checkbox next to the corresponding message to perform different actions. 

Quickly access messages using the available filters or Search option. 

Mark Read

Unread Messages are indicated with a blue circle. Click Mark Read to acknowledge a message, and the blue circle no longer displays.


Use the Message drop-down menu to Reply, Delete, or Delete All (when multiple messages are checked) or Move to Folder

Note: Messages remain in your Inbox until deleted. However, you can still access deleted messages from the Deleted Folder.

Manage Folders

Folders can be added, renamed, or deleted to organize messages by specific Keywords, Campaigns, or events.

Create New Folder

From the Move to Folder option, click +Create New to add a new Folder. 


Use the Contact drop-down menu to View, Opt-out, or Move to Group.

  • Click View Contact to view corresponding details and edit the checked Contact. Edit fields as needed and click Update Contact
  • Click Opt-out to opt out a Contact from.
  • Move to Group by selecting the appropriate group from the drop-down menu. 


Click Export Sent Messages to export sent messages in a CSV file. Enter an email address to send the file to and select an Export option. Depending on the size of the file, it may take up to a few minutes to receive.  

Launch prompts a notification on screen when the file is available for download. An email notification is also sent to the entered address. 

Note: Anytime an Export is performed, the file remains available in Launch until another Export is executed. Be sure to download and save exported content to ensure accessibility.