Manage Sent Messages

The Outbox is used to manage all sent messages from Contacts associated with a Keyword or enrolled in a text Campaign. 

Click Outbox on the left navigation panel to manage received messages.

Main Menu: 

The Outbox defaults to Sent Texts. The features described below also apply to the Scheduled Texts tab.

Sent Messages appear on the main screen and can be sorted by Sent On date.  Click the respective Message hyperlink to view details and response metrics.  

Use the Search feature to Search by Group, Contact, or Phone Number to quickly access Sent Messages. Uncheck Recipient criteria to further narrow search results. Use the Filter option to drill down into Sent Messages. 

Manage Sent Messages

Click the checkbox(s) next to desired Messages to perform additional actions. 

Resend Message<

Click the checkbox for the desired Message and click the Resend icon. 

Delete Message

Check desired Message(s) and click Delete

Export Sent Messages

Check desired Message(s) and click Export Sent Messages to export sent messages in a CSV file. 

Enter an email address to send the file to and select an Export option. Depending on the size of the file, it may take up to a few minutes to receive.  

  • Click Export Summary to view all details of sent messages including Phone Number, Groups, # of Recipients, Bounced, and Number of Clicks.
  • Click Export Details to view details of sent messages including Campaign Name, Opt-Out status, and Link Clicked indicator.

Launch prompts a notification on screen when the file is available for download. An email notification is also sent to the entered address. 

Note: Anytime an Export is performed, the file remains available in Launch until another Export is executed. Be sure to download and save exported content to ensure accessibility.