Media Library


Upload and manage media files in the Media Library for use in various Launch messages and Campaigns.   

From the Tools main menu, click Media Library. 

Main Menu: 

All uploaded media files appear on the main menu and can be downloaded or sent in a MMS message.  Files can be filtered using the Filter option drop-down at the top of the screen. 

Media files can be downloaded or sent in a new Message from the main menu. 

Using the Media Library tool allows images to be available from the Pick From Library tab when adding media to a message within Launch.

Upload New File

Click Upload New File to add new media files. Acceptable file types include;  jpeg, jpg, gif, png, wav, mp3, 3gp, and mp4 with a maximum file size of 5MB.  Audio and video files are limited to 500KB and may be sent via a link instead. Browse to the file and upload it into Launch.

Video Best Practice

Videos uploaded through the Media Library are optimized for MMS quality which downgrade the resolution due to carrier-imposed size limitations. Different operating systems and device messaging apps can also affect how Launch messages are displayed to recipients.

For these reasons, the best option for uploading video is to host the video elsewhere such as YouTube or Vimeo and use a shortened link in the message. This avoids long URLs and lower resolution content. Using a recognized video hosting website allows videos to display in a message with a preview and a Play button at the top of the text. 

Delete Media File

To delete a Media File, check desired Message(s) and click Delete. Click OK to confirm the deletion.