New Articles

  1. Understanding Short & Long Codes

    There are various considerations when selecting a Short Code or Long Code. Short Codes Short Codes are available as either shared or dedicated. A Shared Short Code is a number shared with various other organizations where Keywords will likely be r...
  2. Opt-Out Management

    How to opt-out Contacts.
  3. SMS Compliance & Regulations

    Read more about SMS industry standards and compliance regulations.
  4. Help & FAQs

    Need Help?  Review our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still need assistance, email us at [email protected] or call 317-273-8119.  The following is a list of commonly asked questions. Frequently Asked Questions Gene...
  5. Engagement Metrics

    Reports are available for Messages, Contacts, and Keywords.
  6. Manage Groups

    Create and Manage Groups to organize Contacts based on Keywords, Campaigns, or events.
  7. Manage Sent Messages

    Manage Received Messages in Outbox.
  8. Manage Received Messages

    Manage Messages received from Contacts.
  9. Send or Schedule Messages

    Send or Schedule Messages to individuals, Contacts, Groups, or to Contacts assigned to Keywords.
  10. Contact Management

    Create and Manage Contacts collected through Launch.