Opt-Out Management

When a Contact replies STOP to any Launch message, they are automatically opted out of notifications for the associated Keyword. 

Handling Manual Opt Outs

Procedures provided below address opting out Contacts that communicate the desire to stop receiving messages via email, letter, phone call, or other means. Be sure to opt-out these Contacts in a timely manner.

Contacts can be opted out in a variety of ways: 

Launch ScreenDetails
InboxClick the checkbox for the user to opt-out and select Opt-out from the Contact drop-down menu.
ContactsClick the checkbox for the user to opt-out and click the Opt Out button.
Tools - Bulk Opt-outUpload File tab
Upload a file with a list of phone numbers to opt-out.
Paste Phone Numbers tab
Manually paste individual phone numbers on screen, one per line.

View Opted-out Contacts

Opted out Contacts can be viewed from the main Contacts screen via the Filters option. 

Select Opted Out from the Status drop-down menu to view all Opted Out Contacts. 

Practical Examples

The following scenarios are worth noting regarding opt out procedures.

Opt Out procedure when a Contact is receiving messages for more than one Keyword: 

When a Contact replies STOP to a message within 12-hours of receipt, they are locally opted out from that specific account automatically, and not removed completely from the Short Code. This ensures that if the same short code is used for a separate account, the Contact still receives their messages.

Opt Out procedure when more than 1 entity messages the same Contact within a 12 hour period:

If two separate Launch accounts sharing the same Short Code message the same contact within a 12 hour period and the recipient responds with STOP to opt-out, only the most recently received message will be opt'd out.

Example: Sally has opted into notifications from both a local sports team and her child's school that share the same Short Code. The sports team sends Sally a message 3pm and her child's school sends a message at 4pm. Sally replies STOP at 5pm and is therefore opted out of notifications from only her child's school as it was the most recently received message. 

Handling Opt Outs received when not associated with a recent message: 

When a Contact texts STOP without receiving a recent message (within 12 hours), our system reviews the last 30 days of messages sent to that contact from the shared Short Code and opts-out the number from any account(s) that sent the contact a message during that time period.

In each of the scenarios mentioned above, Contacts can only be opted back in via a specified Keyword on their own accord.

Example: Sally decides she wants to receive SMS messages from a company she previously replied STOP to opt out. To do this, she opts back in via a widget on the company's website. She could also send a new text message to their Short Code, typing their designated Keyword in the body of the message.

Contact specifies which Group to opt out of:

When a Contact replies STOP followed by the Keyword they want to opt out of, they will only be opted out of that Keyword Group. 

Example: STOP FREEBIE opts the Contact out of the FREEBIE Group, but does not affect any other Groups they may currently be opted into.