Poster Creator


This tool quickly creates eye-catching graphics useful for advertising Keywords.

From the Tools main menu, click Poster Creator

Main Menu:

Create a Poster

Select the desired Keyword from the drop-down menu and click Continue. Click Create New Keyword if a new one is needed. 

Next, select a Template to apply a style to the poster and click Continue

Finally, customize the poster with Incentive text and custom color scheme as desired. Click Continue when finished.

Review the finished poster, edit as needed, and click Finish when done.  

Download the poster for use within Launch. Additional options include print or share to Facebook. 

Note: Created posters are not saved within Launch and therefore must be saved before navigating away from the poster generation screen. Once saved as a graphic file, Posters can be added to MMS messages throughout Kerauno Launch or can also be used in digital or print media.