Recurring Texts

This page is used to manage recurring messages already created. Messages can be edited, deleted, or exported. Messages can be sent on a regular basis such as daily, weekly, or monthly.

Note: Be sure to read about SMS Compliance & Regulations prior to developing Campaigns and sending messages. 

Click the drop-down arrow next to Campaigns on the left navigation panel and click Recurring Texts.

Main Menu:

The main menu displays at a glance information including message type (SMS or MMS), message text, start date, recurrence frequency, recurrence end date, Group(s), and next send date. Messages can also be sorted by Next Send date. 

Create Recurring Message 

To create a new Recurring Text, click the large red New Message button on the left navigation panel and select Send  Group Message.

Complete the Recurring Message form:

  • Select one or more groups in the To section to identify individuals or Groups that will receive the message.   Manually type additional or alternative recipient phone numbers separated by commas in 10-digit format with no spaces or symbols.  Example:  6789313113
  • A Recurring Text with multiple recipients can also be saved as a Group. This is a useful feature when multiple messages are planned for the same audience. 

  • Add a Subject (optional) and message text. Click Continue to Send Now, otherwise, click the calendar icon to set the send date and time. 

  • Determine recurring message settings:
    • Click the checkbox for Include New Subscribers (when applicable).>
    • Click the checkbox for Make this a recurring message.

  • Confirm message settings and click Continue.

Click Edit message or Recipients as needed. Once the information is correct, click the Send Message button. A confirmation message displays when a message is successfully sent. 

Manage Recurring Texts

To edit a Recurring Text, click the hyperlink for the corresponding Recurring Text.  Edit as needed and click Save when finished.

Cancel Recurring Message

To cancel a recurring message, click the checkbox next to the desired message and click Cancel

Note: Canceled messages will no longer be sent and reflect as Canceled on the main menu. However, they cannot be deleted.

Export Recurring Messages

Click Export Recurring Messages on the right side of the screen to generate a report of recurring messages. 

Add an email recipient to receive the CSV file and select the desired date range. Click Export Recurring Messages to generate the report. Depending on the total number of messages, the report could take up to a few minutes to be delivered.