A Reminder Campaign is used to send timely alerts and notifications to Contacts. Examples include appointment reminders, anniversary greetings, and payment notices. From the main screen, campaigns can be edited, deleted, or a new campaign can be created. 

Note: Be sure to read about SMS Compliance & Regulations prior to developing Campaigns and sending messages. 

Click the drop-down arrow next to Campaigns on the left navigation panel and click Reminder Campaigns.

 Main Menu: 

All Reminder Campaigns appear on the main menu and can be sorted by Date Created.   Click the respective hyperlink to view a Reminder Campaign. The Actions column allows you to quickly add contacts to the campaign, or click the more icon to edit or delete an active campaign.  

Create Reminder Campaign

Click Create Reminder Campaign to start a new campaign.


Complete the Reminder Campaign form: 

  • Select the Caller ID short code number to display for each message. 
  • Enter a Name for the Reminder Campaign. All campaign names must be unique and cannot be a repeat of any other campaigns. This field is limited to 13 characters. 
  • Add a Subject (optional) and message text. 
  • Additional options include: Personalize, Templates, and Media.

  • Schedule Settings 
    • Relative Send Date: Select the date to send the message. Choose either On Exact Date or Custom Days Before from the drop-down menu.
    • Relative Send Time: Select the time of day to send the message. Choose either At Exact Time or At Specific Time from the drop-down menu. 
    • Manage Backdated Messages: Select from the available options: 
      • Schedule for next possible send 
      • Don't schedule these messages 
      • Send right away
  • strong>Recurring Settings 
    • Choose the frequency of the reminder from the drop-down menu.

Click Create Reminder when finished.

Add Contacts on the next screen by either downloading the Reminders Template or uploading your own file. 

Order and populate the fields as follows:

  • Phone Number
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Note
  • Date and Time in format: 9/10/20  12:00:00 PM

Save the file and upload it into Launch. 

Next confirm the format of the uploaded content. The example below reflects column header Date & Time associated with the Notes content.  Edit the mapping by adjusting the drop-down menus to match the heading with the content.  

If additional edits are required, adjust & save the corrected content in the source file and click Reupload List

Click Continue when finished.

Review the uploaded Contacts on the next screen. If additional edits are needed, click Manage Contacts to edit or add Contacts.