Send from Phone


This feature allows users to send group text messages directly to Group(s) from a mobile phone without logging into Kerauno Launch. This feature is especially helpful for sending messages on the fly, when away from a computer, and when more than one person is sending messages.  

From the Tools main menu, click the Edit icon and click the checkbox for Activate-Send-From-Phone.

Main Menu:

Enable Send From Phone

Select an active Keyword to enable Send from Phone via the Edit icon. If the desired Keyword is shown as Inactive, review our Keyword documentation to ensure it is valid and available for use.

Click the Activate Send-From-Phone checkbox and select Group(s) to receive the messages from the Deliver Messages To drop-down menu. Next, enter up to 3 Phone Numbers permitted to message the Group(s) from their device and click Save

Send Messages from Phone

Create a new text message on your mobile device addressed to your short code number, enter the selected Keyword name, and populate the message content.

A confirmation message is sent to the sender's mobile phone once the message has been delivered. The recipient sees your short code number as the message sender.

Disable Send From Phone

Select the Edit icon for desired Keyword, uncheck Activate Send-From-Phone, and click Save.