Send or Schedule Messages

Send Messages to individuals in a Group, Keyword, or Campaign. Sending group texts is ideal for notifying, engaging, and promoting your organization.

Note: Be sure to read about SMS Compliance & Regulations prior to developing Campaigns and sending messages. 

Click New Message on the left navigation panel to send a Group Message.

Send Group Message

Messaging Best Practices

In addition to following established SMS Marketing Laws, be sure to follow these additional marketing standards when sending SMS messages: 

  • Provide value to your Contacts with each message by sharing useful news and exclusive discounts. Share content that is exclusive to SMS recipients. 
  • Include a Call To Action in each message encouraging your audience to participate in a specific manner.
  • Only send messages during regular business hours. Messaging before 8am and after 7pm should be avoided. Also be mindful of Contact lists that span multiple time zones. 
  • Do not send messages too often. When using a Drip Campaign, schedule 2-6 SMS messages per month. Any more than that may seem repetitive and annoying. 
  • When referencing online purchase content, include an embedded URL in the message directed to a secure widget or Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant gateway for payment processing.

Populate Message

Populate recipients in the To line from the drop-down menu. Manually type additional or alternative recipient phone numbers separated by commas in 10-digit format with no spaces or symbols (i.e. 6789313113).

When selecting multiple recipient groups or adding individual numbers, click Save as Group to use the same recipient list in the future. 

Add Subject (optional) and populate Message content. Messages longer than 160 characters including spaces are sent as an MMS message. The following special characters can be used in a message:  .,:;!?()~="+-_\/@$#&%'


Click the Personalize icon to add content tailored to the recipient. Options include:

  • First Name
  • Custom Contact Fields (when populated)

Insert Template

Click the Templates icon to insert a Custom Template with pre-populated content and click Use Template next to the desired template. 

Create New Templates

Click the Create New Templates tab to create a new template based on entered content that can be used for future messages. Click the checkbox, enter a name for the new Template, and click Done

Attach Media

Click the Media icon to insert a graphic or QR code. 

Select the file from the available tabs:

  • Pick from Library tab display files saved to the Launch Media Library
  • Upload New tab allows you to upload a new graphic as needed

Note: Messages with attached media are sent via MMS as SMS is for text only. The character limit for an MMS message is 1600. 

Click the Pick From Library tab to insert a graphic from the Media Library.

Click the Upload New tab to insert a graphic not currently saved to the Media Library. New files uploaded are saved in the Media Library making it easy to use again throughout Launch by selecting Pick From Library.

Once a media file has been selected, it displays in line with the message preview on the right side. Note that the Message Type reflects an MMS message, which is required for a message including media. 

Video Best Practice

Videos uploaded through the Media Library are optimized for MMS quality which downgrade the resolution due to carrier-imposed size limitations. Different operating systems and device messaging apps can also affect how Launch messages are displayed to recipients.

For these reasons, the best option for uploading video is to host the video elsewhere such as YouTube or Vimeo and use a shortened link in the message. This avoids long URLs and lower resolution content. Using a recognized video hosting website allows videos to display in a message with a preview and a Play button at the top of the text.

Determine Message Schedule

Send Now

Once the message is populated, determine when to send the message. When left at Send Now, the message is distributed as soon as confirmed. Click Continue to review the message before sending. 

Edit Message or Recipients as needed and click Send Message when finished. 

Schedule Message

To specify a date and time to send the message, click the Calendar icon, select time and date,  and click Done

To automatically message new subscribers, click the checkbox for Include New Subscribers, which sends the message to any new contacts who join the selected Groups between now and the scheduled message date. 

Click Continue when finished.

Schedule Recurring Message

To send the active message on a recurring basis, click the checkbox for Make this a recurring message

Content displayed on screen varies based on the recurrence selected from the drop-down menu. Messages can be sent Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Click Continue after populating the recurrence setting, Start Date and End date for the series. 

If changes are needed, click Edit message or Recipients. Once the information is correct, click Schedule Message.


Cancel a Scheduled Message

From the Outbox menu, click the Scheduled Texts tab, click the checkbox for the message to cancel, and click Delete.