Textable Numbers

A Textable Number is also referred to as a Long Code Number. Instead of messages coming from a Short Code Number such as: 12345, they display from a traditional Telephone Number such as: (123) 456-7890. Textable Numbers are a great tool for starting 1 on 1 Conversations instead of sending Group Messages. If your organization plans to communication with thousands of Contacts, a Textable Number may be the best choice, as there are no limitations. 

If you have additional questions about Textable Numbers, contact your Kerauno account representative. 

Get Started

Click Keywords & Textable Numbers on the left navigation panel.

Note: Purchase Textable Numbers through your Kerauno account representative or send a request through a support ticket.

Click the Textable Numbers tab at the top of the Keywords screen. 

Main Menu:  

Purchased Textable Numbers appear on the main menu and can be sorted by Number, Plan, Extra, or Next Payment.  

Edit Textable Number

To edit a Textable Number, toggle the available radio buttons as needed and click Save when finished. 

  • Plan
  • Extra
  • Delete

Delete Textable Number

To delete a Textable Number, click the Trash Can icon next to the corresponding Textable Number.