Message Templates

Message templates offer a convenient way to send the same content time and time again without rewriting entire messages. 

Note: Be sure to read about SMS Compliance & Regulations prior to developing Campaigns and sending messages. 

Click the drop-down arrow next to Campaigns on the left navigation panel and click Message Templates. You can also access Message Templates from the Tools main menu. 

Main Menu:

All created Custom Templates appear on the main menu and display their Name, Message Text, Media indicator (for MMS messages), message Type, Created On date, Send, and Delete options.  

Three tabs at the top of the main menu provide template management options: 

  1. Custom Templates this Main Menu displays all created custom templates. 
  2. Default Templates is a placeholder for any templates already created and available for use based on type of business. 
  3. Add a Custom Template offers the ability to create and save a custom template. 

Create Message Template

Click the Add a Custom Template tab from the main screen to add a new template. 

Complete the Custom Template form: 

  • Enter a Name for the Message Template.
  • Add a Subject (optional) and message text. 
  • Under What Type of Message Would You Like To Send select either SMS or MMS. SMS is the default setting and communicates text only. 

  • When MMS is selected, an Add Media button displays. Click the button, browse to the desired media, and upload it into the message template. The updated message content displays in the preview panel on the right side of the screen.

Click Save & Send Now to send the message right away.

Click Save Template to save the template and continue adding templates or perform another action.  

Edit Message Template

To edit a Message Template, click the hyperlink for the corresponding Message Template.  Edit as needed and click Save when finished.

Delete Message Template

To delete a Custom Template, click the Trash Can icon next to the corresponding Template. Click OK to confirm the deletion.