A Widget is a small signup form that can automatically collect Contact data from email or via a website such as Facebook or a company website. You can create an unlimited number of widgets, and each can add customers to different groups.

From the Tools main menu, click Widgets

Main Menu:

Create a Widget

Click + Create a New Widget.

Step One: 

Select a type from the Widget Type drop-down menu. 

  • Hosted
  • Embedded

Note: Kerauno only recommends using Hosted Widgets. 

  • Enter a Name for the Widget. 
  • Choose the Widget's Icon, between two SMS icons or enter a Custom Image URL. 

Step Two:

  • Select Yes or No under the drop-down menu for Allow visitors to pick which groups they join? Kerauno recommends leaving this set to No. 
  • Choose the Group(s) new Contacts are added to  after completing the online form.  At least one Group must be selected.
  • Check all applicable Fields to Display. By default Phone Number is required to communicate via Launch. We typically encourage requiring only First Name, Last Name, and Telephone Number.
  • Populate the Signup Widget Header which is displayed at the top of the form.
  • Populate the Successful Signup Header which is displayed after a successful signed up.
  • Specify the Maximum Messages per month.  This is a required field. 

  • Click Advance Widget Features to view additional custom settings. 
    • Click the checkbox for Enable Join Message? when applicable.
    • Populate the Join Message to Send After a Visitor Joins Your List. This is the message Contacts receive after submitting their information via a  Signup Widget. 
    • Click the checkbox for Enable Signup Notification if desired. This sends a notification to the specified email address populated in the next field for each new signup. 

  • Click REVIEW WIDGET to view the generated widget with the selected settings. 

Preview Example: 

For your convenience, required Opt-Out language has already been added to the Widget.

Step Three:

  • Click PREVIEW WIDGET to view the content before creating it. 
  • CREATE WIDGET when satisfied with the generated Widget.
  • Share your Widget: 
    • Copy & paste the Widget Code provided to add the widget to any HTML supporting application (WordPress, self-hosted website, etc.).
    • Copy & paste the shortened Widget URL to share via social media websites. 
    • Click Generate QR Code for Widget to generate a QR Code. 

Paste the Widget code into your website HTML or share the Widget URL on your social media pages.

Manage Widgets

Once generated, Widgets cannot be edited; only deleted. Create a new Widget when content changes are needed.